Friday, 13 December 2013


One of approximately three million Star Trek spin off novels, this one’s cover makes Spock look like Cher wearing a Beatle wig. The overall effect is not displeasing, which is outrageous. Where do they get off in making it not displeasing? These irresponsible bastards are messing with young geek’s heads at a time when they’re at their most vulnerable and impressionable. 

Listen, kids, be straight, be gay, be bisexual, be bi-curious, be happy, but for fuck’s sake don’t fancy Leonard Nimoy in blusher, because that’s just wrong. Now, while we're at it, some word art...


Will I think of you?

Only when I feel
Warm and wanted

Though once
I felt I was outside
Looking in
Watching the world
Go by

Oh, Leonard Nimoy, your words cut to the very core of human existence. 

Fearlono once felt that he was outside looking in, disconnected, watching the world go by. In actual fact, he was outside looking up, through binoculars, watching the off duty nurses go by from the bathroom to their bedrooms. Not quite the same thing. 

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