Thursday, 18 December 2014


Ten people downloaded our 'Power of the Pyramids' track. Ten. And it was really good and totally free of charge. 

So, thanks to your overwhelming apathy, TOMTIT are now called (((TOMTIT))) and the next track we present to you will be the nastiest piece of work we can muster. We've no firm dates, we may even taken a whole year to do it but, when we do, you'll regret it. You may even shit yourself - if we can get the sub-frequencies right. 

In the mean time, why not buy our 2015 annual? It is fucking Christmas, after all. 

Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Another successful seance led us into further discussions with our astral newsagent and tobacconist, P. Parsons. We asked him which items he was selling during the festive shit, and he told us that this annual for young girls was proving very popular.

He then sent us some 10p lucky bags that were crammed full of real cigarettes, lighters, air-bomb repeaters and asbestos.