Friday, 27 February 2015

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Yes, so this is a real thing, an actual genuine, no bullshit thing. It exists, it's out there, it's available, you can get it. And it's great. Up until this moment, we had no idea that this was what we had been waiting our whole lives for, which would clearly be a bit pathetic if this wasn't so amazingly and undeniably AWESOME. 

Saturday, 7 February 2015


New Crete is a society far in the future that knows no hunger and no dissatisfaction, where war has become a game played on village greens, where the poets and magicians of a strange occult religion keep all classes of the population happy with their lot. As time traveller Edward Venn-Thomas finds out, however, this utopia has one major flaw: it's really, really fucking boring, so he decides to teach them to live again by reintroducing evil into their lives. 

Can we make that joke about it being based on a true story again? Why not, no-one appears to be looking.  

Tuesday, 3 February 2015


It was our first home computer, and nothing since has rivalled the thrill -and strong smell- of this wonderful machine.

Nearly 35 years later, we're still playing the classic cartridge game 'The Stimulators', and at a recent retro-computing event in Eldroth, we badgered people of all ages to have a go. For a few VIC-20 veterans it was giddy nostalgia, but for some of the children we coerced to our table when their parent's weren't looking, it ended in relentless tears and some pretty hostile confrontations from angry adults.

But most importantly we had a good time, and escaped with very few injuries after leaping over our table with the trusty VIC-20 tucked under our arm, wires flailing behind us like a beached squid. 

We'll be back at the Eldroth Computer Fair* later this year, so come and say hello if you can make it.

*Over 18's only (children and animals go free).