Wednesday, 11 December 2013


If you have a boss who doesn't know the first thing about astronomy or physics and instead spends all their time copping off with aliens and robots and junior members of staff, which is really unprofessional, actually, but he gets away with it every time, and all the ideas he presents as his in meetings came from you, and you do all the work for half the pay and none of the credit and don't have time to cop off with anyone and you even had to buy your own coffee at your one to one and all the wiggy bastard said was that you were 'doing okay, really' before moaning about how lonely it was at the top and pushing a load more of his shit onto your desk and then swanning off thinking he's great but without realising that his top is far too tight and lots of people think he's a fat twat - then this is for you.     

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