Friday, 6 December 2013


'We all need some healing, so let's go for it'

New Age harp sharp Joel Andrews' flashing fingers pick out some inspiration from the ether and send out love and excellent vibes in this impossible to date clip. It could it be from 1979, 1990 or the day after tomorrow - but, guess what, it doesn't matter. As his promotional material says --

'Few harpists come close to Mr. Andrews' superb technical mastery of the harp on which he has discovered
 30 new sounds' 

It might just be us, but how much cooler would this already copacetic piece of music have been if, at some point, Joel had segued into this timeless piece of cosmic pluckery? 

This is not a 'Star Trek' blog, by the way, it just seems like it sometimes what with us constantly posting 'Star Trek' related items.

Dragging ourselves back to Joel, we particularly like the exhausted but exalted sigh he gives out at the end of the improvisation. He is clearly spent, although not too tired to talk a load of gobbledygook for the next two and a half minutes.  

In case you were wondering what really inspires a man like Joel Andrews beyond all the pseudoscientific stuff, the cover of his 1975 LP 'Locrian Invocation' might help you formulate a theory.

'Let light and love and power restore the plan on earth'

Joel is still at it at the age of 85*, and you can buy some of his back catalogue here, including the brilliantly titled 'Emblissening Movement', a smooth accompaniment for Tai Chi exercises from 1986.

 *This New Age shit clearly has something going for it. 

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