Sunday, 20 October 2013


"Hello, I'm Vincent Price. There are three things that really turn me on, as the current saying goes, one is work - I'm never really happy when I'm not working - another is art, and the third is food".


The food featured in this book was made in the seventies so, inevitably, generally looks like it has already been eaten once then regurgitated onto an ugly dish. That said, there would have been a riot in our house if we’d been given something as alien as Pommes De Terre Savoyade to accompany our fish fingers, so it's all a bit academic (academic is definitely the wrong word, but we're too thick to think of another). 

To file alongside Boris Karloff’s Practical Plumbing, Peter Cushing’s Car Maintenance Manual and Christopher Lee’s Complete and Utter History Of Auto-Eroticism.

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