Saturday, 19 October 2013


Note zip and belt buckle.

A selection of x-rays taken after a BARIUM MEAL. The meal itself is slightly radioactive, which bothers people, although the same people usually think the x-ray process is pretty routine, despite it often being more dangerous. Why do you think the radiologist hides to take the photograph? 

For us, it seems to prove that people will quite happily suffer on the outside (tattoos spring to mind, not to mention tanning booths and those big lug hole ring things), but can be very picky indeed about what they put in their mouth if it isn't marketed properly. 

One suggestion would be a Barium Happy Meal, same chalky, glowing, horrible tasting sulphate but with a tie-in toy from a blockbuster film. People would make themselves poorly just to collect the set. 

There's something eerie about these pictures, as if the stomach were haunted. We're reminded of the crazy fake ectoplasm mediums used to pretend to produce until 'Ghostbusters' came along and raised the bar (note to Editor: check chronology; note to Selves: get Editor). 

Outrageously, these were once used as promotional items, with the fluffy stuff cited as visual proof of contact with the beyond. People were funny in the olden days. Now they're just tosspots.

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