Thursday, 24 October 2013


One of the most wonderful things about this awful country is how it's always 1641* somewhere, even if its just in our heads. In the town or city it is difficult to walk around and not feel the weight of our long history; in the country it is virtually impossible.

We're not talking about simply putting a floppy hat on, by the way, or knitting your own underpants and only eating Sugar Beet. As above, it is perfectly possible to channel the past without pretence or pose, and to actually add something to the sum, not just simply plunder the accumulated parts.

Oh, and who knew that the analogue synth would become as much a folk instrument as a dulcimer or a harmonium? 

* i.e. Pre-Civil War. But any date from 10,000 BC up until tea time yesterday would be equally valid.  

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