Tuesday, 25 March 2014


H.G Wells’ ‘The Time Machine’ is one of the greatest stories ever told, but, if it has one failing, it’s that it is just not groovy enough, an omission that the 1974 paperback edition seeks to rectify.

The book is fascinating from start to finish but, for us, the most interesting element is provided by the Morlocks, the brutish, blue skinned, light fearing, troglodyte like cave dwelling creatures who are what the working classes have evolved into 802,701 AD.

Despite looking like Boris Johnson, The Morlocks serve the upper classes (in the form of the beautiful but mindless Eloi) but there’s a twist: the masters have become livestock, and The Morlocks keep them fit and fed in order to ensure that they always have something to throw on the barbecue. Now that’s Class War.    

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