Saturday, 1 March 2014


TOMTIT are now fulfilling our primary function: to make stuff. The first stuff we have made is an incredibly useful, deeply healing self- help audio exercise which is now available to download through our Bandcamp site for free, and you literally and figuratively can’t get cheaper than that.

We take absolutely no responsibility for any loss of hearing, consciousness, marbles or bladder control as a result of listening to this recording.  Any therapeutic value is deliberate and we invented and retain all rights to whatever it is that is working for you.

We will now take a short break to let it all sink in, but your comments are very welcome. 


  1. Blooming Fantastic. Look forward to more at later date.

  2. TomTit's stuff is the best there is.

  3. I think I am commenting but I am not commenting. You are dreaming that I am commenting. You are dreaming that I am commenting as an astronaut in a ziggurat. This is a dream. I am actually living inside your tomtit tape recorder amending the pixels on your screen as you stare. I am peeing on your hard drive. Are you dreaming? Am I dreaming? I could go on all night....