Monday, 3 February 2014


'In a world predating history as we know it, 
the people cringed under an evil rule. 
Black clad warlocks enslaved anybody useful to them, 
and spilled the blood of those that were not'.  

That's the back cover blurb for a remarkably contemporary sounding tale from a 1987 edition of 'Star Blazer' .

Essentially a sci fi companion to publisher D.C Thompson's much more successful 'Commando'* imprint, 'Star Blazer' suffered from poor distribution and the fluctuating fortunes of the fantasy market, but still managed to run from 1984 to 1991, racking up 281 easy-and-cheap-to-find-on-ebay editions.  

* The indomitable 'Commando' started publication in 1961, and is still going strong - with over 4,500 issues to date.  

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