Saturday, 9 May 2015


Yeah, so this is a real thing, a show from 1976. The synopsis is just about perfect:

'Bigfoot finds a young boy lost in the vast wilderness of the American north west. Bigfoot raises the boy and calls him Wildboy. Now, eight years later, they fight crime and aliens who show up around their forest home.'

Putting aside why Bigfoot didn't try and contact social services, it's worth noting that one of this particular Bigfoot's battle moves is a prodigious leap, something not previously attributed to Sasquatch in anyhing I've ever seen or read. Crime and aliens won't know what's hit them.   

American TV at it's very best. 

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  1. Far far too good to be true. Bigfoot looks variously like a proto-Chewbacca, Gregg Allman after a week's camping, and Dr Moreau's handiwork on the hapless lost Bungle off 'Rainbow'. This gem needs to be made, and I know just the people...