Friday, 30 January 2015


Unmann-Wittering is quietly obsessed with American psychedelic drone rock group Expo 70

Actually, his obsession isn't quiet at all, he's always fucking going on about them. He says they're his Pink Floyd, which is confusing as he likes Pink Floyd, too. He says Expo 70 don't sound like drugs, they are drugs. He buys all of their music, in as many formats as he can, and that's a lot of stuff, as they are incredibly and wonderfully prolific. He says that they are always the same; always completely different. He probably writes letters to them. 

When asked where to start with their mammoth back catalogue, he is non-committal, saying: 'what does it matter where you start exploring the infinite from?' He's full of shit, really, but he's not wrong where Expo 70 are concerned: they are brilliant.

Here's 'Metensomatosis' from their 2009 album 'Death Voyage' which starts off like Black Sabbath playing drum and bass before evolving into an epic struggle between light and dark in which light doesn't have a hope in hell and slowly gets kicked to bits in front of you. 

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