Thursday, 20 November 2014


During our annual TOMTIT seance meeting on Halloween, we achieved contact with the spirit of P. Parsons, a deceased newsagent and tobacconist. He spoke to us of his celestial newsagents shop, and the many publications he sold to the dead.

One thriving magazine he mentioned was 'TOMTIT Computer', and after a great deal of screaming, he began to send us pages from a 1984 edition via a circle of printers we'd arranged within a chalk pentagram. Sadly, Unmann-Wittering aggressively broke wind before page 2 arrived, and disrupted the proceedings. Contact with Parsons was halted as a result. 

Here is a scan of the spectral printout, which has been examined by a cross section of respected ghost hunters and paranormal experts, all of whom expressed a desire that we don't waste their time any further.

What fools these mortals be !

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