Thursday, 2 January 2014


Weird War formed in 2001 from the remains of two cult groups, The Make-Up and Royal Trux. Front man Ian Svenonius is a serial band starter, as well as being a man who knows how to write a classic pop song – and then how to subvert it so that it sounds lo-fi and disjointed and as if it was cobbled together in a burning shed at 3am. 

In this clip you can get a feel for their signature style, as well as their dry sense of humour and obsession with The Occult. 

After three albums, the group currently appear to have been superceded by a new Svenonius project called Chain and The Gang, but things in his world are fairly fluid so they may well be back. 

Weird War are named after a long running DC Comic which combined war, horror and sci fi to provide a series of unsettling (and occasionally ridiculous) ‘Twilight Zone’ type tales. We’ll come back to it, because there’s much to say, but, in the meantime, here’s a cover which recasts The Wermacht as a bunch of gorillas.

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